The Obfuscated Reality Of Amelia Earhart's 1937 World Flight Outcome

Why The Truth About Amelia Earhart Was Dismissed

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This website previews the long term forensic analysis and MSS, Protecting Earhart scheduled for publication this year. [Protecting Earhart U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number: TXu 1-915-926]


Amelia's hidden legacy...
...was the double life she led

From the time it was discovered decades ago, most of the world public chose to
conveniently dismiss the truth of Amelia Earhart's post-loss identity change
Beyond it being convenient for history to ignore, there are three main reasons the truth about Amelia Earhart's changed identity became hard-pressed in gaining wide public acceptance. All are expounded on below:
1.) The Long-Held Credo Of Official Silence In Washington And Tokyo About Amelia's disappearance
2.) Decades Of Expressed Vitriol And Ridcule Toward The Reality Of Amelia's Continued Survival With A New Name 
3.) Amelia's And The Original Irene's Survived Families' Expressed Viewpoints About Amelia's Identity Change
The First "Official Silence" Reason is highlighted in the following quote:
"Numerous investigations foundered on official silence in Tokyo and Washington, leaving the fate of Amelia Earhart an everlasting mystery." From Bender and Altshull's aviation history expose', The Chosen Instrument, Simon & Schuster, 1982.
The still maintained 'official silence' viewpoint about Amelia Earhart has long impaired the ability of any person or entity aligned with political correctness in Washington DC [such as the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution that are both based there, as well as Senators & Congressmen] to enter the fray of seriously examining the controversy over what actually happened to Amelia. It is a known fact, there has never been an 'official' investigation that looked into Amelia's 1937 disappearance.  
The second reason is the omnipresent history of expressed Vitriol and Ridicule toward the mere mention of Amelia's post-loss identity change, generated by the multitude self-promoting theorists over the past four decades from within the private sector. While most all of said 'theorists' agreed with the conclusion that Amelia ended up in Japan's custody after going down in the Marshall Islands, they strongly dismissed the reality of Amelia's identity change and continued survival, promoting instead, without evidence of it, that Amelia must have died at some point while she was in Japan's custody.
The now defunct, Amelia Earhart Society [The 'AES'] was formed in 1989 by one Bill Prymak of Denver, Colorado, to provide a melting pot for Amelia Earhart disappearance investigators, theorists, and research enthusiasts who promoted the claim of Amelia being taken captive by Japan and subsequently dying while in its custody, either from an unknown illness, or in a more macabre way, where she was executed for spying. During its heyday from the mid-1990s into the 2000s, Prymak's self-funded AES boasted over a hundred members who dominated the 'Earhart held captive by Japan' scenario, that initially took form in the 1960s thanks to the combined efforts of Paul Briand, Joe Gervais, Bob Dinger, Joe Klaas, and Fred Goerner. Bill Prymak was sure to list all of them as 'charter members' of his AES organization, while particularly endearing himself to Joe Gervais, even though he refused to support Joe's forty-year claim [that Joe maintained to his death in 2005] where he avowed Amelia did not die, rather, that she continued to survive in Japan's custody and ended up changing her name to 'Irene Craigmile' before resuming her life in the United States after World War Two.
Bill Prymak died in 2014, but offshoots of the AES still exist today; Mike Campbell's Earhart blog and book largely expound on the work of former AES members and archives; likewise with the efforts of Carol Linn Dow, who promotes a proposed film idea called "The Lost Flight Of Amelia Earhart" with support from Mike Campbell, Ron Bright, David Horner, Paul Rafford, Alex Mandel, Cam Warren and other past AES members. All of these individuals agree Amelia was held captive by Japan and died in its custody, while otherwise dismissing Amelia's identity change as a fallacy without a foundation for doing so. Unfortunately, to the combined credit of the former AES members, they cornered Wikipedia, the public information encyclopedia, in order to promote their, 'Amelia did not become Irene' false crusade.
Easily, the two most prominent individual theorists connected to the Amelia Earhart mystery since the 1980s were Richard Gillespie of the TIGHAR organization, and Elgen Long of Nauticos, due to the strong media support given to them over the years for promoting more 'politically correct' ideas.
While Mr. Gillespie offered that Amelia died a castaway's death on Nikamororo Island over a thousand miles south of the Marshall Islands, Mr. Long offered how Amelia simply crashed and sank near her intended destination of Howland Island, and that was it.
Over the years Richard Gillesppie and Elgen Long have been called 'pseudo theorists' and 'endorsed distractions' by other investigators, who recognized the two offered no authentic proof to support their suggestions after they emerged from nowhere to directly oppose the long-held consensus of Amelia's Marshall Islands ditching. No matter, the media puffery they both received propagandized the mystery-loving public into taking their self invented offerings seriously. This resulted in their respective, Amelia Earhart cottage industries [TIGHAR & Nauticos] raising well over a million dollars each to conduct 'plane hunt' expeditions to their individual pin-pointed areas, where of course, Amelia Earhart's plane was not to be found.
It is easy to accept how the 'official silence' viewpoint in Washington quietly welcomed the media supported public-shift to devote attention to Gillespie and Long's digressions, in lieu of the previous decades-old tradition of pointing a finger at the FDR White House cover-up of Amelia's loss, left over from the World War Two era.
The third reason concerns Amelia's and the original Irene's survived family viewpoints. Amelia's own sister, Grace Muriel Earhart Morrissey, who died in 1998, refused to publicly endorse the truth about her sister's identity change even though she knew her well as 'Irene' in her later years. The closest Muriel came to acknowledging the truth was by way of a verbal reply she offered to retired Air Force Major, Joe Gervais, after Gervais learned she and Irene [the Gervais-Irene] were well acquainted. When Gervais suggested his belief to Muriel that Irene was her survived sister sporting a new identity, Muriel replied, "If such a thing were true, Major, wouldn't it be best to leave it alone?" On her own behalf she made a good point. People aware of Federal Witness Protection Programs are part of them, and are thus bound not to expose them. As well, Muriel and Amelia only had a handful of what one might call 'close' surviving relatives, and none of them ever dared to challenge Muriel's viewpoint.
As for the viewpoint of the original Irene's family, the O'Crowleys of Newark, New Jersey who Amelia came to know after she became famous in 1928, and then later formed a business relationship with Attorney Irene Rutherford O'Crowley, the original Irene Craigmile's aunt [Amelia's ZONTA sister friend] Joe Gervais hit the same brick wall there. When he confronted the eldery Attorney Irene O'Crowley in 1970 [long retired then, she died in 1972] she was cordial with him, but flat out refused to discuss her past friendship with Amelia or the suggestion that she lived to assume her late niece's identity. Except a major breakthrough occurred forty years later, when the 1934 born son of the original Irene O'Crowley Craigmile, Larry Heller, identified a different woman to have been his mother than the woman whose photograph appeared in the 1970 book, Amelia Earhart Lives [the Gervais-Irene] who was also identified as Mr. Heller's 'mother.' After Mr. Heller put his ID placement in writing in 2014, the sound verification of 'three different women' having been attributed to his mother's identity had ultimately and unmistakenly taken place.
The most incredible reality about Larry Heller, was no one ever challenged him about his mother's shared identity after the book Amelia Earhart Lives came out in 1970, and then again after December of 1982, when he was quoted in the Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune to say he "wished for the question of his mother's identity to remain a mystery." It was not until Protecting Earhart tracked Mr. Heller down in the new millennium and engaged him with a legal option right to his version of his mother's story, that his different identity placement of his mother became publicly known. Observe below:   
030.JPG                              fixed42.jpg
Above left: Amelia Earhart   Above right: the original Irene Craigmile [nee O'Crowley] shown with her husband and father in 1930
Note: The 'original' Irene was Larry Heller's true biological mother
The Gervais-Irene in Japan in 1963, then
superimposed with her former 'Amelia' self.
Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis revealed
three different women had been attributed to the
same 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' identity, and one of
them was previously known as, 'Amelia Earhart.'
  © Protecting Earhart
The three different women attributed to the same Irene identity: On the left is the original Irene Craigmile in 1930, whose family Amelia had known. 
In the middle is the second Irene shown in the early to mid-1940s; on the right is the third Irene Craigmile [Gervais-Irene] in 1946, FKA 'Amelia Earhart.'
The original Irene's son, Larry Heller specifically identified the second Irene shown in the middle as his 'mother' from his early childhood going forward.
Head-to-toe, feet, hands, arm lengths, heights, ears, nasals, faces, teeth, necks, shoulders, breastplates, hairlines, etc., not to leave out character traits such as voice patterns, handwriting, hobbies and habits... even several close personal friends, when the Gervais-Irene and her former Amelia self were thoroughly compared in Protecting Earhart's study, everything lined up.
Note: It is a not a true statement in Wikipedia's 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' page, where it mentions criminal forensic detective, Kevin Richlin "noticed many measurable facial differences and concluded the two were not the same." Observe the "citation needed" mention at the end of the false statement supplied by a past member of the Amelia Earhart Society, and take a look below: The naked eye sees what it does, and it is not 'just a coincidence.' [The AES also strongly influenced the 2006 National Geographic Channel profile of the Amelia Earhart Mystery.] As well, where the Wikipedia article states the book, Amelia Earhart Lives was withdrawn, although it was back in 1970, it was republished with no restrictions after the Gervais-Irene died.

Amelia Earhart, age twenty-six.
1923 into a mirror self-photo portrait. She would become famous in 1928.

Amelia Earhart, 1933

Amelia, 1928

Classic Amelia, the blend begins.

Orville Wright & Amelia

Gervais-Irene & former Amelia self
Two photos superimposed.
Gervais-Irene & former Amelia self
Superimposed 1965, 1933
Gervais-Irene & former Amelia self
Superimposed 1963, 1928
Gervais-Irene & former Amelia self
Superimposed 1976, 1932
Gervais-Irene & former Amelia self
superimposed 1978, 1929

She no longer wanted to be a public figure...
adjstd2004234.jpg in a way, the Amelia Earhart people recalled did disappear in 1937.

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Protecting Earhart came into existence in 1996 and launched in 2007. Its comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Forensic Comparison Study 1.) Proved more than one person used the same 'Irene' identity. 2.) Displayed the head-to-toe and character-traits congruence the Gervais-Irene shared with Amelia Earhart. 3.) Proved the Gervais-Irene appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s, ultimately concluding against the grain fo convention, said two individuals marked the same human being.
Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis began in 1997 and was first copyrighted in 2002. Author-creator, Tod Swindell's original manuscript, Protecting Earhart: The Beautiful Alter Ego and Silent Legacy of History's Most Famous Flying Heroine has been housed and registered at the Writers Guild of America West since 2004, #1033972, and was ultimately copyrighted in 2014. For publishing and subsidiary film rights availability, phone 323-317-0886 or send an e-mail inquiry to the above provided address.
Protecting Earhart is dedicated to the tireless efforts of the late USAF Major, Joseph A. Gervais [1924-2005] and the late USAF Col., Rollin C. Reineck [1920-2007], two World War Two heroes who began expounding on the 'Amelia became Irene' truth decades ago. A special thanks also goes out to Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, whose enormous help with supplying never before made public 'Irene' photo data and handwritten letters in 2002, paved the way for the overall forensic comparison study to eventually reach its reality based conclusion. Thanks as well to former CIA operative, Bazzell Baz, who breathed some additional life into the Earhart truth seeking endeavor when it was first getting underway in the late 1990s.
Major Gervais, who was considered by many to have been the most knowledgeable Amelia Earhart investigative researcher ever to pursue the truth, first suspected the Irene-Amelia reality in 1965. The controversial 1970 McGraw-Hill book by Joe Klaas, Amelia Earhart Lives delved into the enormous amount of Joe Gervais' investigative research and displayed the first nationally published photo of Irene Bolam, AKA the Gervais-Irene, FKA 'Amelia Earhart.' Regardless of the fallout caused by Amelia Earhart Lives, Major Gervais and Colonel Reineck spent the last four decades of their lives working to advance the claim of Amelia Earhart's name-changed survival to authenticity, after enduring their own long term investigations of the evidence that supported it. Colonel Reineck's book Amelia Earhart Survived was published in 2004 and was greatly inspired by Tod Swindell's 'Protecting Earhart' forensic analysis. Portions of the study appeared in Colonel Reineck's book, though it is more extensively displayed in Protecting Earhart, Beyond 37', and are the intellectual properties of Aether Pictures & Press, LLC.

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