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This website previews the long term forensic analysis and MSS, Protecting Earhart scheduled for publication this year. [Protecting Earhart U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number: TXu 1-915-926]


The way the 1982 New Jersey News Tribune 'mugshot' forgeries worked: The straight-on forgery only matched the Non Gervais-Irene while the profile forgery only matched the Gervais-Irene [FKA 'Earhart'] and her former 'Amelia' self. This step was taken [albeit illegally] in an attempt to convince the public the different 'Irenes' were one-in-the-same person. Confirming this latent discovered charade, observe the displays below: 
Below: These 'straight on' and 'profile' photo forgeries appeared in a series installment of the 1982 Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune. They were created  for the purpose of trying to identify for the reader how Irene O'Crowley Craigmile Bolam looked in 1923. Their sole purpose was to deceive the public into accepting three different individuals as one person: The Original Irene, the Non Gervais-Irene, and the Gervais-Irene; FKA Earhart.'  Protecting Earhart's 'Forensic Eye Comparisons' alone clearly proved different human beings were combined to create one identity. Both of these poorly-struck images were part the paper's mock investigative series about 'Irene Bolam.' When interviewed, the son of the original Irene Craigmile memtioned he had never seen either image before and had no idea where they came from:

Straight on forgery...
...only aligns with the Non Gervais-Irene.
Profile forgery...
...aligns from the neck up. The torso (shoulders on down) is quite out of proportion.



Above: On October 29, 1982, the same day Irene's lavish Memorial Dinner sponsored by The Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune was held, [its publisher, John Burke had been a good friend of the Gervais-Irene's] the paper  concluded its 'investigative series' about the Gervais-Irene by publishing the above photos with the caption, "Irene's life not so mysterious after all." Look closely though, you will see images of all three of the different women who were attributed to the same 'Irene' identity in the 20th Century: 1.) The original Irene 2.) The Gervais-Irene, and 3.) The Non Gervais-Irene displayed among the various published photographs.    

It is important to understand why the mug-shot forgeries were deemed essential. The 1982 New Jersey Tribune series was little more than a 'red-herring' designed to further obfuscate the suspicion people still had about the true identity of the Gervais-Irene. It was necessary for the so-called 'investigative series' to be able to refer to the GERVAIS-IRENE, the NON GERVAIS-IRENE, and the ORIGINAL IRENE as one in the same human being. Protecting Earhart's Forensic Comparison Study proved three different human beings were attributed to the same 'Irene' identity. Because they were all identified as the same 'Irene' in the 1982 series, a straight-on image from the distant past needed to match one, and a profile image from the distant past needed to match the Gervais-Irene and Amelia. Thus, the straight-on forgery matched the Non Gervais-Irene's older image only, while the profile image only matched the Gervais-Irene's and Amelia Earhart's facial bone structure, save the slight nose curvature that was a characteristic of the original Irene. The comparisons below reveal this incredible 'mathy' reality:  

1982 New Jersey NewsTribune 'mug-shot' forgery.
The Tribune dated this image '1923.'

Non Gervais-Irene (AKA 'Irene Jr.')
Joe Gervais never met this 'Irene Bolam' (Above program cover date 10/29/82)

Clearly the 1982 Memorial Dinner cover photo...
... was used to forge the '1923' dated image.

1940s Non Gervais-Irene (AKA 'Irene Jr.')
Positively ID'd as his 'childhood mother' by the original Irene's son, Larry Heller.

It would be truly amazing to consider, especially since the above photo marks the true younger image of the woman featured on the Memorial Dinner program, how otherwise the forgery meant almost sixty-years had passed before the Non Gervais-Irene was able to strike the exact same pose again, and she'd hardly aged at all in that span of time when comparing the Memorial Dinner program photo to the '1923' dated image. To be sure, it's highly doubtful she discovered the fountain of youth and a cure for osteoporosis.

Younger 'Non Gervais-Irene' (Irene Jr.)
Circa early 1940s, true age estimate: early 20s
Left (younger) and right (older) in an overlay congruence.

The childhood 'mother' as recognized by the original Irene's 1934 born son, Larry Heller. In 2006 & 2014 Mr. Heller identified the younger image as his 'childhood mother' and affirmed he supplied the older version photo that appeared on the Memorial Dinner program cover. She was not the Gervais-Irene (see younger-older versions below) whose photo appeared in the 1970 book, Amelia Earhart Lives, although the two did use the same 'Irene' identity. [Note: When asked about the 1923 dated straight-on and profile images, Mr. Heller replied he had 'no idea' where they came from.]

Older 'Non Gervais-Irene'
1982, age 58

1940s to 1982 'Gervais-Irene'
She married Guy Bolam of England in 1958.
Left and right images combined display the congruence.
Gervais-Irene in 1965. (Gervais photo.)
AKA "Irene Craigmile" AKA "Irene Bolam." This photo appeared in 1970 book "Amelia Earhart Lives."

1935 Profile of Amelia.
(See forgery profile match to the right.)

Amelia's facial profile matches the forgery.
The forgery torso is out of proportion.

Gervais-Irene FKA 'Earhart' in Detroit, 1976...
...slightly to her right, harsh lighting.

Gervais-Irene & her former Amelia self.
A remarkable congruence displayed.

Amelia's personal history included major sinus trouble. The nasal surgeries she endured were well documented. Upon examination of the above, the forgery profile displays a slight curve in the nose, where neither Amelia's nor the Gervais-Irene's curve at all. However, it does appear the Gervais-Irene underwent a Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty procedure at some point. So much would have served a dual purpose; to correct further sinus trouble and to change her original perky-nose look. (The procedure involves breaking the cartilage below the upper nose bridge, slightly pressing down, and re-setting. The final results open the nasal passages more while flaring the nostrils a bit.) No doubt the procedure helped to obscure the once 'recognizable feature' of Amelia's. Even so the nose still does, along with everything else, align quite nicely with Amelia, the profile forgery, and the Gervais-Irene profile. (Save the out-of-proportion forgery torso.) Also note how 'noses and ears continue to grow' into old age to varying degrees in different people, with 'sagging and drooping' occurring. One look at the nose and ear lobe differences of Amelia's sister Muriel form her young adult days as compared to the way she looked in the 1980s demonstrates such a reality.

Below: Amelia's profile and straight on images, and the Gervais-Irene's profile and straight on images:

Amelia profile, taken in 1935...
...from the neck up aligns well with above 1923 profile forgery.

1933 Amelia Earhart photo.
A little grainy, but okay for blending with the Gervais photo below.

Gervais-Irene profile, Detroit, 1976...
...head slightly turned to her right with harsh lighting.

1965 Gervais-Irene (photo by Gervais)
Straight on Gervais-Irene

Below: Notice how the above profile and straight on Amelia images align with the above Gervais-Irene images:

1965 Gervais-Irene straight on...
...blended with Amelia's displays a congruence.

Profile Gervais-Irene combined with Amelia...
...also reveals a remarkable congruence.

Below: The Non Gervais-Irene, AKA the 1924 born 'Irene Jr.' Suggested last as 'still living' in 2004. The public was left out of the loop... of who she really was... or is. She wasn't the original Irene, nor was she the Gervais-Irene.

1940s Non Gervais-Irene (AKA 'Irene Jr.')
Positively ID'd by the original Irene's son, Larry Heller.

Older Non Gervais-Irene (Irene Jr.)
Again, Gervais never met this 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' (Above program cover date 10/29/82)

Below: The 1945-1982 identified Gervais-Irene; post-altered and pre-altered looks...

1945 Zonta photo, the Gervais-Irene
AE would have been 48. Note: Makeup & jewelry, no tooth gap & nose difference.

Yet by removing her post-loss augmentations...
zonta45touched.jpg's not so hard to again recognize the Amelia we all knew.

Below: In 1978 the Gervais-Irene ordered a formal portrait photo sitting to be taken at her home in New Jersey. Considered a celebration of her true eightieth year, she passed away four years later after succumbing to a bout with cancer on July 7, 1982. Note the wings below her left shoulder.

Gervais-Irene, 1978
All of what would have been '80 years' (AE born 1897) detectable.

Below: The original Irene Craigmile (Bolam) in 1930, shown standing between her first husband Charles Craigmile (who tragically died of a sudden appendicitis attack a year later in 1931) and her father, Joe O'Crowley. The original Irene knew Amelia Earhart through her attorney aunt Irene R. O'Crowley, who was a Zonta sister and good friend of Amelia's. Amelia and her well known flying friend, Viola Gentry helped get the original Irene into flying in late 1932. But right after she earned her pilot's license in mid-1933, she realized she was pregnant out of wedlock with her last flight instructor's child, Al Heller. The two eloped to be wed in August of 1933, and on March 5, 1934 their son, Larry Heller was born. However there is no verifiable, or 'legible' photo data depicting the original Irene Craigmile after her early 1930s flying days, or especially after her childbirth experience. In any case, it remains a true mystery what became of the original Irene seen here:

Profile forgery...
...with slight nose curve.

The original Irene O'Crowley Craigmile...
...with similar detected nose curve.

Note: It appears the profile forgery was geared to provide a hybrid look that combined a key nose feature of the original Irene O'Crowley Craigmile with the Gervais-Irene's (Amelia Earhart's) facial bone structure as displayed in the panel further up. In the above 1930 photo of the original Irene, notice the similar hair-look and nose curve feature also observed in the forgery profile.

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Protecting Earhart came into existence in 1996 and launched in 2007. Its comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Forensic Comparison Study 1.) Proved more than one person used the same 'Irene' identity. 2.) Displayed the head-to-toe and character-traits congruence the Gervais-Irene shared with Amelia Earhart. 3.) Proved the Gervais-Irene appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s, ultimately concluding against the grain fo convention, said two individuals marked the same human being.
Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis began in 1997 and was first copyrighted in 2002. Author-creator, Tod Swindell's original manuscript, Protecting Earhart: The Beautiful Alter Ego and Silent Legacy of History's Most Famous Flying Heroine has been housed and registered at the Writers Guild of America West since 2004, #1033972, and was ultimately copyrighted in 2014. For publishing and subsidiary film rights availability, phone 323-317-0886 or send an e-mail inquiry to the above provided address.
Protecting Earhart is dedicated to the tireless efforts of the late USAF Major, Joseph A. Gervais [1924-2005] and the late USAF Col., Rollin C. Reineck [1920-2007], two World War Two heroes who began expounding on the 'Amelia became Irene' truth decades ago. A special thanks also goes out to Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, whose enormous help with supplying never before made public 'Irene' photo data and handwritten letters in 2002, paved the way for the overall forensic comparison study to eventually reach its reality based conclusion. Thanks as well to former CIA operative, Bazzell Baz, who breathed some additional life into the Earhart truth seeking endeavor when it was first getting underway in the late 1990s.
Major Gervais, who was considered by many to have been the most knowledgeable Amelia Earhart investigative researcher ever to pursue the truth, first suspected the Irene-Amelia reality in 1965. The controversial 1970 McGraw-Hill book by Joe Klaas, Amelia Earhart Lives delved into the enormous amount of Joe Gervais' investigative research and displayed the first nationally published photo of Irene Bolam, AKA the Gervais-Irene, FKA 'Amelia Earhart.' Regardless of the fallout caused by Amelia Earhart Lives, Major Gervais and Colonel Reineck spent the last four decades of their lives working to advance the claim of Amelia Earhart's name-changed survival to authenticity, after enduring their own long term investigations of the evidence that supported it. Colonel Reineck's book Amelia Earhart Survived was published in 2004 and was greatly inspired by Tod Swindell's 'Protecting Earhart' forensic analysis. Portions of the study appeared in Colonel Reineck's book, though it is more extensively displayed in Protecting Earhart, Beyond 37', and are the intellectual properties of Aether Pictures & Press, LLC.

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